Digital Marketing Services

"Get your site on the first page in GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING etc..."

Digital Marketing is the effective & profitable way to generate potential leads to the business via online medium. It helps to improve your brand image on online against your competitors. Digital Marketing services includes SEO, PPC, Display advertisement, Social media optimization, reputation management etc.

SEO Services

SEO [Search engine optimization] is the process of improving site positions on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc based on targeted keywords. This process can help clients to generate huge traffic towards website from global search engines. We are the premium SEO Services company based in India with dedicated SEO professionals over 10+ years of experience. We redirect global visitors to your website.

We are the company who always follows white hat SEO techniques and updated link building strategy to improve your site rankings instead of following outdated techniques. Since black hat and outdated methods can do harm to your website rankings on the long run.

Advantages with SEO Services

  • It’s an easy way to establish the brand on the international market with low investment.
  • Improve the traffic rate to the website
  • Connect global customers from anywhere across the world.
  • Generate good profits from the websites

PPC Services

PPC is an opportunity to reach potential customers via paid marketing. PPC services help clients to reach their goals quickly. PPC campaigns can run on google AdWords, yahoo & bing ad centers. PPC services include:

  • Keyword research & website analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign regular monitoring
  • Daily reports tracking & data analysis

Social Media Marketing

"An online platform to help promote yourself to a wider audience"

Social media marking helps to gain website traffic or attention from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ and many more… Social Medias are excellent platforms to interact and engaging with your customers in the fastest way. The ASGroups provides comprehensive social media strategies, initial setups, banner and fan page graphic designs and regular post update services that help you to grow your business leads trough social media networks and communities.

Reasons of building social media campaigns:

  • For communicating with your customers quickly and easily
  • It amplifies your content on the internet
  • It helps you to understand your brand marketplaces such as customer positives feedbacks and negatives
  • It makes customer engaging with your products and allow them to share within their circle

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The AS Groups is the professional & passionate web development & digital marketing agency based in India. With our skilled professionals team, we are offering standard web designing, we site development, graphic design, digital marketing services.

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